Slavic Colloquium

Thursday, March 16, 2017
Homer Statue
Prof. Edith Clowes, Alex Kozoyed, Veri Silva,
Alex Moree, David Peters
Russian Virginia In and Out of the Classroom: A Roundtable
Thursday, March 16, 4:00–5:30, Cabell 058
This colloquium will feature two student projects from Prof. Edith Clowes' RUTR 2460 course using the website "Russian Virginia". The first project, presented by Fall 2015 students Alex Moree and David Peters, explores the Russian Civil War through the work of little-known Soviet cartoonist Vladimir Akimov. The second project, presented by Fall 2016 students Alex Kozoyed and Veri Silva, focuses on an Orthodox church in the Northern Virginia area and its integration of traditional orthodoxy with recognizably American social practices and involvement.